About Us

JPS Group is a leading E Publishing Services since 2012, with a strong global footprint in this region.The Group provides a confidence from our strength and ability to deliver integrated services across their technologies and consulting services.

From the establishment of our first branches continues to develop its franchise in the region and tie-up with more than 40 plus reputed domestic, national as well international companies.

We have also invested and started JPS Engineering Technologies along with our market –leading Consultancy Service. To provide simple and effective solutions increase the number of quality jobs created for the underserved individuals and communities, helping small businesses become more sustainable, as well as assisting people in the world’s fastest growing markets.

This shared commitment to our Foundation’s giving employee engagement activities across the region.


  • To enlighten the path for people who seeks JPS.
  • Focus on right strategy action based on our conscience.
  • Utilization of available resources and stay eco- friendly.


To gain trust and “fulfill the desire” of the customers as well as our employees.

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